Heath Belser

  1. Barneys New York - Givenchy

    Brand: Barneys New York
    Director: Nicholas Alan Cope
    Post Prod Co: Digital Giant
    Editor: Heath Belser
    Score: Gregory Thrasher

  2. Swamp Murders Promo

    Directed by Grant Lau, this eerie promo for Investigation Discovery walks the fine line between fantasy and reality by capturing the mysteriousness of all things "Swamp Murders." Shot almost completely underwater, this live-action promo is the haunting story of a life lost too soon, and the swamp that swallowed her identity.
    Designed & Produced by: Imaginary Forces (IF)
    IF Creative Director: Grant Lau
    IF Art Director: Tosh Kodama
    IF Executive Producers: Ben Apley, Sarah Roebuck
    IF Producers: JJ Gerber, Keith Bryant
    IF Designers: Tosh Kodama, Lisa Chen, Kathy Liang, Esther Park, Wes Yang
    IF Animators: Ryan Massiah, Lisa Chen
    IF Editors: Heath Belser, Caleb Woods
    IF Flame Artists: Rod Basham, Gavin Miljkovich
    IF Coordinator: Dominick Guglielmo
    Network: Investigation Discovery
    Director of Marketing: Kyle Russell
    Creative Director: Garnsey Sloan
    Producer: Carrie Sullivan
    Asst. Producer: Tom Heijne
    Music By: Timber Timbre “There Is A Cure”

  3. Dalvin Cook "4EVER A NOLE"

    Brand: Florida State University
    Post Prod Co: Hunter Blue
    Editor: Heath Belser

  4. The DUFF - Main On End Title Sequence

    Designed & Produced by: Imaginary Forces (IF)
    Creative Supervisor and Title Designer: Karin Fong
    Executive producer: Ben Apley
    Head of Production: Claudina Mercado
    Producer: Tammy Kohan
    Designer and Animator: Chadwick Halbritter
    Editor: Heath Belser
    Inferno Artist: Eric Mason
    Coordinator: Nicole Zschiesche

  5. Monari "I'm Ready"

    Brand: Monari
    Director: Tim Damon
    Prod Co: Damon Productions
    Editor: Heath Belser
    Colorist: Jack Damon

  6. Nissan Titan "Bigshot"

    Brand: Nissan
    Agency: Designory
    Director: Tim Damon
    Prod Co: Damon Productions
    Editor: Heath Belser
    Colorist: Jack Damon